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The key is in consistency. We keep it fresh, fun and full of life so it never feels like a chore but a choice to celebrate being alive.

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Connect whenever you want, wherever feels the most energizing and supportive. MOVEJOY has groups on WhatsApp, Facebook and Text.

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MOVEJOY has you covered. We traveled the world to find the best doctors, healers, nutritionists, physical therapists, hormone specialists, relationship coaches and beyond.



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I've been doing MOVEJOY with Lavinia since the beginning and I haven't felt this good ever! I've got grandkids and a busy career, so whole body health is so important. Plus, the women are amazing!

Lori, 63

MOVEJOY has become a part of my daily ritual. Moving with Lavinia has been a blessing. I've got a full schedule and doing MOVEJOY has given me the energy I need to keep growing my business. 

Lisa, 59

MOVEJOY provides the ideal blend of fitness and tranquility, offering a holistic workout that rejuvenates my mind, body, and spirit. I value each session for its gentle impact on my joints and the revitalization it brings. I'm grateful to the creators for crafting a program that perfectly fits my needs—a true mind-body-spirit workout.

Carlin, 45

I'm a nomad. I work from all over the world and I take MOVEJOY with me. The way I feel moving with these women who are more mature and wise than me has been a gift. 

Sammy, 30
Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 7.40.40 AM

I do all kinds of movement. Bike ride, walk, yoga and MOVEJOY has made me so much stronger. My mind, body and spirit soar after I move with these ladies.  

Bonnie, 64

We move, we laugh, we support, and we gain strength in a community of sisterhood. MOVEJOY has increased my bone density naturally and has given me the support to strength for my body and my mind. 

Peggy, 61